I have blurred memories about something that happened to me six years ago. There was romours flying about my auntie’s neighbour’s pets. In Canning Town,East London, is where my aunty lives. Around the corner is a average sized shop that has everything that you could wish for, almost like a supermarket, however you have to […]

‘Once I saw a customer, years ago, damaging books in mum and dad’s shop. Tearing pages out. Screwing them up. Shouting things I couldn’t understand. Mum was crying. Dad was furious. So was I. When customers are unhappy they should ask for a refund, not go mental. These men are just as bad. They’re hurting […]

‘Once I spent about 6 hours telling stories to Zelda, to keep her spirits up, to keep my spirits up, to keep our legs moving as we trudge through the rain towards the city.’ Physically their muscles were hurting a lot that they could of collapsed at any moment especially their leg muscles. Emotionally their […]

My favorite character from ‘Once’ is Felix because he is the main character. He is also very nieve because he acts childish and he doesn’t know anything going on in the real world because he has been trapped in a orphanage. When he finally escapes he finds out about the Nazi’s however he only thinks […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway